Seat Pack Overview

A schoolbag that performs the duties of a desk, by turning into a chair with a writing pad. Built for school children between ages 5 and 13 years whose classrooms have no furniture (due to under-facilitation/post-conflict/disaster).

Currently, over 50 million children in Africa study in classrooms without desks (Tutu, 2016), sitting on the rough floor / improvising with papers to act as floor mats. Another 150 million children are displaced, finding a shade and forging a classroom (UNHCR, 2018). These students all study in the same unacceptable conditions.

The SeatPack: A schoolbag that performs the duties of a desk, by turning into a chair with a writing-pad, at a 10th the cost of a wooden classroom desk, for underprivileged and refugee school children.

Built for school children between ages 5 and 13years whose classrooms have no furniture, whether due to under-facilitation, post-conflict or post-disaster situations.

We believe that improving the conditions in which our students study will increase their interest in school and improve literacy on the continent. To achieve this, we must re-define completely how we furnish these classrooms.

Simple, Personal, Mobile

A schoolbag, chair and writing pad in one. This aluminum and fabric build allows for class anywhere, at anytime.

Locally Made, Easy to Repair

Designed and built in Uganda, the sewn ensemble makes it easy to repair when old/damaged (hence the use of buttons as a closing mechanism for ease of repair).


The fabric is weather proof so that study material is always safe regardless of the weather.

Encourages Healthy Posture

Without a backrest, SeatPack is designed deliberately to encourage users to seat upright, borrowing this quality from the traditional African stool.


SeatPack’s strong frame is light-weight aluminum. This maintains the average total product weight at 900g, it is sure to weigh less than 10% of an early learner ’s body weight.

Single Compartment

SeatPack allows for only one bag-compartment so as to encourage light loads carried daily. This guarantees that children can walk many miles to school and not compromise their health with the product.


In the event that they walk in the dark (early morning/after sunset), a reflector is incorporated to make them visible to cyclists and drivers when walking by the roadside.